12 oz. Bag of Lunar Mission Espresso Beans


For our Lunar Mission: Single-Origin Espresso expect high quality microlot coffees that are first and foremost sweet and balanced, but also carry complexity and liveliness. Roasted specifically for a smooth and fully developed shot of espresso.

Coffee Info : This is an SHB grade coffee from La Libertad, Huehuetenango, known for its high altitudes, rainfall, lush shade and moderate temperatures. This coffee is a blend of El Rincon, Terrazas, La Bolsa and neighboring farms in the valley. Grown at 1400-1900 masl, this coffee consists of Bourbon, San Ramon, Caturra, and Mundo Novo varietals.


Roasted by Xanadu Coffee, from Phoenix, Arizona. Their goal is to source quality beans from good, reputable sources (often directly from the farmers through various projects) and want to offer to you it in the best way possible. Lawn Gnome Publishing uses Xanadu for our coffee bar, and we want to spread the love to your home!

Bag Size: 12 oz

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Old World, Lunar Mission, Neon


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