Phoenix Poetry Slam

Phoenix Poetry Slam 2018

Poetry Slam has been an important building block of culture in Phoenix, Arizona since the 1990's. The Phoenix Poetry Slam fosters personal development, self awareness, formal and informal educational advancement, and marketable skills for writers and performers of all ages.

What Is the Phoenix Poetry Slam?

Twice a month, poets gather at The Lost Leaf, 914 N 5th St, in the Roosevelt Row Arts District!

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Today’s Phoenix Poetry Slam from Lawn Gnome Publishing is the result of years of seeking talented new voices and promoting strong literary events.

Where Did Phoenix Poetry Slam Come From?!

Lawn Gnome Publishing brought the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam to Phoenix, AZ. It was the first time a Poetry Slam Inc event has been held in Arizona since the performance art was established in the 90’s. Our mission is to provide a space for local writers/artists/performers/etc. to explore and perfect their own craft. Our commitment is community. We welcome persons of any and all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, abilities, ages, etc. As writers and literary critics, we value freedom of speech and thus do not limit, moderate or otherwise censor any content, and so there is a blanket trigger warning for all events. However, we strive to create a constructive atmosphere of equality, sensitivity, and progress, one that encourages discussion and actively opposes marginalization of any persons or group. Our goal isn’t tolerance of diversity, but its empowerment and alliance.

Are You A Poet??

Poets interested in competing must send an email to with "POETRY SLAM" in the subject line. First 10 poets will be signed up for the next event on a first come, first served basis.

Back To School Slam Fun

September 13 - Phoenix Poetry Slam

September 27 - Haiku Deathmatch + Phoenix Poetry Slam

October 11 - Ravenous: A Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe

Arizona All-Star Slam Tournament

October 25 - Halloween Haiku Deathmatch + Thirsty Thursday Poetry Slam

November 8 - Thirsty Thursday Poetry Slam
November 22 - Butterball Poetry Slam

December 13 - Thirsty Thursday Poetry Slam
December 27 - Thirsty Thursday Poetry Slam