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This Guy Would Do Anything to Look Good in a Selfie

Oscar Wilde’s classic tale of a self-indulgent, narcissistic and incredibly handsome young man, Dorian Gray, is chilling and timeless. The Picture of Dorian Gray, published in 1891, makes readers uncomfortable. The lengths at which Dorian is willing to go to ensure his youthful beauty are unsettling, and yet not unimaginable. The idea of self-preservation and obsession with appearance is something our era knows well. The fact that Dorian Gray easily gave up his morals to look good is unique to the book, but Wilde’s novel begs the question: How many people would willingly sacrifice their code of ethics for their own aesthetics?

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It Is Happening Now

Trump has been lashing out at the media with ever greater fervor. The Committee to Protect Journalists has declared Trump “a threat to press freedom,” the way it might have some post-Soviet despot. “It Can’t Happen Here” is an argument for journalism as a basic pillar of democracy. And civic education, too, which many of Windrip’s supporters appear to lack. So do many Americans today, regardless of their convictions. 

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The Two Sides of a Man

Make no mistake, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde gets our hearts pumping with its brutal murders, magical potions, inexplicable events, game-changing documents, and, of course, the evil-oozing Mr. Hyde.

At the core of this novel is a mystery: who exactly is this Mr. Hyde and what is the nature of his relationship to the seemingly benevolent and wonderful Dr. Jekyll? As we read, we come to find that  this question may not be easy to answer. Along the way, we get a good dose of all kinds of Gothicky things.

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